A few times per year, we gamers get treated oh so kindly by the Gods at Valve.
Whenever the Summer or Winter sales arrive on Steam, gamers collectively throw out all of their hard earned cash to buy games they’ll never play.
Let’s be honest here, we all buy those twenty games that we think look great, but then end up never playing them.
Right now the Steam Spring Cleaning Event is here, running from May 24th until May 28th.
Oh, you didn’t know about the Steam Spring Cleaning Event?
Honestly, nobody knows about this event.

Lord Gaben Newel by Freddre on DeviantArt

Based on previous Summer Sale events, and thanks to amazing leakers, we now know that the Steam Summer Sale will start on June 25th and it will last until July 9th.
At least now you know that you should eat ramen noodles until July 9th, if you want to be able to purchase those sweet, sweet games that you’ll never play.
I’m getting ready to buy 20 games again, and my goal is to at least play one of them longer than 2 hours!


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