NBC Chicago reported on the 8th of May that a Cubs fan held up the “OK” sign, which seems to be an odd thing to report on.

An image from the “incident”

The ADL came to the conclusion that the online forum “4Chan” made up the hoax, to discourage people from using the hand gesture for “fun”, and that 4Chan believed it would demonstrate to the public how paranoid the “MSM” really is.
Even though it’s now widely known that there is nothing wrong with the hand gesture, since the panic created by some in the media, some actual white supremacists have now “claimed” the “OK” hand gesture as their own.
In a twist of irony, some in the media “gave” the actual white supremacists a “sign” for no reason at all.
4Chan has done many hoaxes in the same vein like: “Milk is white supremacy” or “Pepe the Frog is white supremacy”, but none have been as successful as their “OK” hand gesture hoax.

A 4Chan user talking about creating the hoax.

However, this might not be the last hoax created by 4Chan, that supposedly empowers white supremacy.
They have already begun claiming that the “Hashtag” (#) sign also stands for white supremacy.
They have dubbed it the “Fashtag”, and it is not likely to become as “infamous” as the “OK” sign, mainly due to the fact that many in the media aren’t as willing to give the “hashtag” symbol to the “white supremacists” as they were with the “OK” hand gesture.
Only time will tell.

4Chan created propaganda piece, masquerading as the Far-Left Extremist “Antifa” group

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