On May 29th, 2019 officers responded to a man who set himself on fire in front of the White House.
Officers responded seconds after the man set himself on fire, and tried putting it out.
After successfully putting out the man on fire, he was rushed to the hospital and later died in the hospital due to the severe injuries he sustained.
It is still unknown why the man did it, even though speculations did make the rounds online.

Some thought the man set himself on fire to protest President Trump and quickly people started to point fingers to who they deemed responsible for it.
Some argued that President Trump was to blame for the actions of the man, as they assumed that the man felt like there was no other way to show his displeasure of the president.
Others argued that the media is solely to blame for the actions of the man as they felt that the constant “anti-Trump” reporting, caused the man to set himself on fire to be a martyr.

According to TMZ, Police told them that they believed the man was high on a drug called “K2” which was laced with PCP.
The man’s family reported him missing at 9.20am, and he commited his action at 12.20pm.
The shocking event was captured on video by bystanders and it appeared that the man was unphased by the fact he was on fire.
He seemed to casually walk, unaware that he was indeed on fire.
The man was 33 years old.

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