Dutch journalist made waves on Dutch Twitter after tweeting out a video of Dutch policemen arresting an elderly man who wore a hat that had the Israeli flag on it.
There was an anti-Israel demonstration that quickly turned into an anti-Jews demonstration with violent anti-Jewish chants.
The elderly man named Michael Jacobs wanted to counter the anti-Israel and the anti-Jewish noises that were brought by the anti-Israel demonstrators in Amsterdam, and he simply walked around to show his support for Israel.

The man recorded the incident

According to police, Mr. Jacobs was “standing around intimidatingly.”
When the police confronted him and asked him to go home, he argued for a small bit but then complied and went to his bike and wanted to leave the area.
The police for what seems to be no reason then arrested Mr. Jacobs.

A week prior, a small pro-Israel demonstration took place, and a group of people attacked the demonstrators while the police stood by and did nothing.

Some have started the question the Dutch police force as they seem to not want to stop attacks on pro-Israeli and pro-Jewish demonstrators but will intervene as fast as they can when someone tries to mess with anti-Israel demonstrators.

In 2014 there was a huge pro-ISIS demonstration in the Hague, where the demonstrators called for the killing “of every Jew you see.” and the killing “of every homosexual you find.”
Even though incitement and calls for violence are punishable under Dutch law, the police again did not do anything to break up the demonstration.
A week later, the far-right PEGIDA marched into the area to protest against radical Islam and ISIS.
Pro-ISIS counter protesters which included radical Muslims and Antifa started attacking the PEGIDA protesters, and the Dutch police told PEGIDA to go home.
No one was arrested.

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