If you regularly go on Twitter, you might be used to anti-Trump hashtags trending daily.
From death threat hashtags like #MassacreMitch to boring stolen meme hashtags like #TrumpsBodyCount, but today #TalibanTrump started to trend, and the far-left has gone nuts.

If you look at the hashtag, you will see absurd ridiculous claims.
Here are a few ridiculous tweets.

After reading tweets from the hashtag, you might scratch your head and wonder why people claim that Trump now sides with the Taliban.
I guess, Trump went from “Islamophobic” to “Islamic terrorist” overnight, but what is going on?

Trump tweeted out that he canceled a secret Camp David meeting between Taliban leaders and the Afghan president after the Taliban admitted responsibility for a recent attack in which a U.S. soldier died.

At first glance, one would be surprised, to say the least, but let’s take a look at this from a neutral perspective.
Yes, the Taliban are responsible for the horrible 9/11 attack, no one will forget that.
But Trump has been trying to get the troops out of Afghanistan and most of the Middle-East.

To negotiate with the Taliban and the Afghans for a peace deal, which would include the U.S leaving Afghanistan is nothing new.
President Obama negotiated a deal with Iran, which has been the largest funder of terrorist organizations.

If Obama would’ve talked with the Taliban and the Afghans, the left would cheer, but the right would probably behave in a similar fashion how the left is behaving.
Trump is known as anti-war, this was why he got liberals siding with him in 2019.

Should Trump have negotiated with the Taliban and the Afghans?
Yes, absolutely.
If it means bringing stability to the country and getting the U.S to pull out troops, then that would be a win for Afghanistan and more importantly, the spouses and children of the U.S soldiers stationed in Afghanistan.

It seems that no matter what Trump does, the far-left Twitter folk seem to act like everything he does is “evil”.
If Trump would increase attacks on the Taliban, the same far-left would screech about how we should pull our troops back, or how increased attacks on the Taliban would increase chances of them striking the U.S again.

The far-left all of a sudden seems to pretend to be patriotic, meanwhile, since 2016, they have done nothing but call the U.S a “fascistic” country, that is filled with “deplorable xenophobes”.

The far-left does not, and will never represent the Liberal viewpoint.
I for one welcome anything that increases stability in the Middle-East and gets the troops out of places they shouldn’t be in.

Apparently, only Obama is allowed to negotiate with groups that shout: “Death to America”.
Obama’s deal with Iran wasn’t even a deal, it was Iran blackmailing the U.S.
One can not call it a deal if the deal simply put is: “You pay us billions, so we can continue funding terrorist organizations that will kill your servicemen, and in exchange, we might consider not openly work on our nuclear bombs.”

If anything, at least Trump pulled out of negotiating with terrorists, one can not be said about Obama.

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