Antifa (AfA in Europe) is a far-left decentralized organization which has its roots from 1930s Germany.

Karl Liebknechthaus in Berlin on the Bülowplatz The former Karl Liebknecht House in Berlin on the Bülowplatz, was the seat of the KPD leadership. We see it on the occasion of a parliamentary election in propaganda jewelry.

A Look At The Past

In the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, Germany saw a rise in National-Socialists which were led by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP).
After losing the first world war, the German economy was non-existing.
People were starving, and inflation went through the roof.

Many in Europe blamed the Jews, and the NSDAP was the only party that was extremely outspoken about it.
Even though many Germans would blame the Jews for their problems, they were afraid to speak their mind.
Trust in politics was at an all time low, and the people were looking at radicals for solutions.

The Communist Party of Germany (KPD) was a major political faction in Germany which was founded in the aftermath of WW1.
The party believed in radical Leninism and later on Stalinism.

In 1924, several pro-Communist paramilitary groups existed, you had the Red Front Fighters League, the Black-Red-Gold and the Fighting-Alliance against Fascism.
These groups were notorious for beating up anyone that would speak against them, and their targets would often be Jews, LGBTQ+, Conservatives, and pro-Fascists.
In May 1929, the Red Front Fighters League were banned and deemed a domestic terrorist organization by the German state, after 33 people were killed in the confrontations between police and protestors.

Many pro-Communist groups would be banned and deemed domestic terrorist groups due to their willingness to bomb and kill anyone who stands in their way.

While the NSDAP used enforcers known as “brown shirts” to attack people that were suspected Jews, Soviet sympathizers and liberals.
The KPD had their own enforcers called the Antifaschistische Aktion (Afa/Antifa), which were tasked with attacking suspected Jews, Nazi sympathizers, liberals and conservatives.
Antifa was a combination of outlawed Communist groups like the Red Front Fighters League.

1930’s Antifaschistische Aktion (Afa/Antifa) used similar tactics as modern-day Antifa.
They used weapons to beat down on anyone who opposed their radical beliefs.

As attacks by brown shirts increased due to the rising popularity of the NSDAP, Antifa started to play a more defensive role.
Instead of attacking anyone they deemed hateful, they would now become guards for high members of the KPD, to protect them from brown shirt attacks.
Because of their more defensive stance, more people started joining the group, as a way to keep their families safe.

During the election campaign in July 1932, the most violent clash in German history happened.
The KPD, which felt confident after more people joined Antifa, went out and sought out NSDAP supporters.
This clash was massive and even shootings occurred.
The movement went underground after Hitler rose to power.

Antifa Is Back in Germany

In the 1970s, the Red Army Faction (RAF) was founded, which shared the same beliefs as Antifa, and was seen as a successor.

The RAF engaged in bombings, assassinations, kidnappings, bank robberies, and shoot-outs with the police over the course of three decades.
They killed over 34 people, and inspired the Revolutionary Cells (RZ), which were responsible for 296 bomb attacks, arson and other attacks.

In the 90’s AfA slowly started to grow again, and not just inside of Germany.
These Antifa-members took the approach of a decentralized organization, instead of a centralized one.


Black Bloc

A black block is a tactic used by Antifa, which simply ment that those partaking in the black bloc, would wear black clothing, scarves, sunglasses, ski masks and any other face-concealing and face-protecting items.

Antifa used the black bloc tactic, to minimize the chances of their members being caught by security cameras and then later on being arrested.
Black bloc quickly became a dangerous tool.

Even though the black bloc tactic was developed in the 1980’s, Antifa is the group that is most assosiated with the use of this tactic.

Because members of a black bloc all looked the same, they would often times destroy property like cars and shops, and then quickly return to the crowd and mingle in.
This way the police had a difficult time figuring out which members committed attacks, and which didn’t.

The black bloc tactic was also useful when used against riot police.
Once a black bloc would be cornered by riot police, they would huddle together, and together sprint towards the weakest point in the police line and break through.

Another common black bloc tactic is to move towards a group which they oppose, and start insulting the other side.
They would try to agitate their opponents, and when one of their opponents comes close enough, they grab him or her, drag them to the center of the black bloc and beat the person until they are dead or severely injured.

81-year-old woman attacked by Antifa for supporting Trump.

Who Do They Target?

Who does Antifa target?
Anyone that dares to oppose their views.
They have openly stated: “Liberals get the bullet too.”
Antifa doesn’t see itself as liberal, it sees itself as Antifa.

In Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, Egypt, and Sweden, they have killed people from all over the political spectrum.
From Conservatives to Social-Democrats, they attack anyone that they deem a threat to the survival of their organization.

Decentralized Structure

Due to their decentralized nature, some Antifa groups may have slightly different beliefs than the other Antifa groups.
Antifa is comparable to White-Supremacist groups, as they have a similar system.

Antifa in Portland don’t have the same “leaders” as Antifa in New York or even Amsterdam.
Just like White-Supremacists in Alabama don’t have the same “leaders” as those in Berlin.

Every Antifa group basically is a “franchise”, they serve the same meal, have the same ideology, use the same tactics, but the owner is simply different.

This makes it harder for police to call Antifa a domestic terrorist organization, as not all Antifa groups are as violent.

In the Netherlands, Antifa is seen as a domestic and international terrorist organization due to their willingness and often use of political terrorism.

Are They Fascists?

In short, no.
Antifa uses the exact same tactics a the brown shirts, but as stated prior, the brown shirts and Antifa shared the same tactics.
Even though we consider burning books, attacking Jews, attacking LGBTQ+ people, attacking minorities, and using intimidation tactics to silence others as “Fascist tactics”, truth be told, one could also simply call them “Socialist tactics,” “Communist tactics,” or Antifa tactics.
Even though 98-99% of all Antifa-members are White, their core ideology isn’t inherently racist, but the same goes for the Alt-Right.

Antifa’s political leanings are Communist or Socialist Extremism.
They don’t hide the fact that they enjoy using violence, they use social media daily to promote their hateful messages and incitements to violence.
Even though calling for violence is against the law and against every social media’s TOS, they enjoy protection due to their infiltration in the media industry.

Journalism and Antifa

Some people started wondering if some journalists had ties with Antifa, after many news outlets either refused to cover attacks commited by Antifa, or tried twisting facts to favor Antifa.

Quilette decided to “investigate the truth of this impression by using a mix of network mapping and linguistic analysis to see which prominent journalists who covered Antifa also were closely connected to leading Antifa figures on social media. We then inspected the Antifa-related stories these journalists had written.
You can read the full article HERE.

Data by Quillette

Quillette came to the conclusion that there are indeed some big named journalists that peddle a pro-Antifa sentiment, and try to make Antifa look like the “good guys.”

But They Are Anti-Fascists! How Can They Be Bad?

This is a defense used by many pro-Antifa members.
You could technically say that they are indeed “Anti-Fascist.”
How ever, the Alt-Right is also technically “Anti-Fascist.”

Defending the actions of a terrorist group, just because their name says: “Anti-Fascist” isn’t a valid excuse.
If they do deem this a valid excuse, then the KKK could simply rename their group something like “AntiRa” and claim they are an “Anti-Racist” movement, and then commit mass murders on African-Americans.
Would anyone still hide behind the same excuse? “But their name is Anti-Racists!”

A person can be against Fascism, but could also want the total extermination of the Jewish people.
Just because someone is against idea A, doesn’t mean they are automatically good guys.

Neo-Nazi’s are anti-Communist which many sane people are.
Communism killed over a 100-million people, more than Fascism and Nazism combined.
Many in Eastern-European countries see Soviet and Socialist symbols in the same manner, most Westerners see the Nazi flag.

In short, Antifa is as much anti-Fascist as neo-Nazis are anti-Communist.
The Alt-Right is just as anti-Fascist as Antifa due to their political ideology.


Are They Terrorists?

The big question, is Antifa a terrorist decentralized organization?
To answer this question, we need to look at the definition of terrorism.

Terrorism is defined as “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.
This would qualify Antifa as a terrorist organization as they have used, and still use violence and intimidation against unarmed civilians in the pursuit to further their political goals.

But how does the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations define “terrorism?”
They define it as: “The unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives

Does Antifa commit “unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government?
Yes, in 2016 they attacked shops, burned cars and attacked police officers after Donald Trump became president.
Their use of violence was to intimidate those in government as well as citizens who supported the president.

Does Antifa commit violence against the “civilian population?
The answer here again is yes.
Antifa has commited acts of violence against Conservatives, Trump supporters, Liberals and anyone who speaks against the group, Socialism or Communism.

Does Antifa do this to “further their political or social objectives?
Yes, Antifa wants to create an anarchistic society, and often times use violence to send that message accross.

So in short, Antifa has extremist roots, they maintain the same tactics as they did in the 1930s, by using violence to suppress and silence their political opponents.
They qualify as “terrorist organization” by every single definition, and are morally equivalent to Neo-Nazis and the Alt-Right.
Read the latest stories about Antifa HERE and HERE.

Antifa, the KKK, Neo-Nazi’s and ISIS all fall within the definition of “terrorist”

Examples of Antifa Violence

WARNING – The images and videos seen down below might be regarded as distressing to some.

Gay Asian journalist attacked and beaten by Antifa during Pride month.
The actual attack on jorunalist Andy Ngo
White Antifa members calling a black police officer a “fucking n*gger”
Antifa Member tries to kill a protestor by using a bike lock.
Antifa during G20 protests in Germany

Some articles about Antifa.
Antifa sets fire to limousine of a Muslim migrant.
Antifa attacks a Latino father and son.
Antifa attacks peaceful protest.
Antifa calls for the killing of Dutch Conservative-Liberal politician.

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