Earlier today, the US was 10 minutes away from entering in a full-blown war with Iran, on the orders of President Trump, who wanted to retaliate after Iran took out a US drone.

President Trump canceled the attack order 10 minutes before it would’ve taken place, and he has said that he chose to do so, was to prevent the loss of 150 lives.

It is uncertain why Trump would’ve ordered such an attack for an unmanned drone.
It is also odd that President Trump only knew how many lives would potentially be lost on Iran’s side so late into the operation, and not at the planning stage.

The European leaders are also concerned about this attack.
Dutch Prime-Minister Mark Rutte called the rising tensions “very worrying.” and suggested the US and EU should work on de-escalation.
EU-President Tusk said: “We are following the current situation.”
Chancellor Angela Merkel also said that the tense situation should be solved “diplomatically and politically.”

Even though the European leaders all agree that the attack on the oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, committed by Iran is “unacceptable” due to the fact that civilians got attacked, they don’t want to retaliate.

War with Iran is something Democrats and Republicans don’t want.
Every president has dragged the US in a new war, and when President Obama took office, people thought that would change, but he dragged the US and the world in another endless war.
People who voted for President Trump, also thought that President Trump would not pull us in another endless war, and even though so far he hasn’t, the rising tensions with Iran might become another endless war.

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