Far-left Vox writer Carlos Maza, known for inciting violence, and advocating for a ban on comedians on YouTube, now wants Instagram to ban “attractive gay men.”

He calls accounts that feature beautiful men “gay thirst trap accounts.”
Saying that “they prey on our worst insecurities and taunt us with highly unrealistic body expectations.

Some argue that Carlos Maza is jealous and obsessed, and others agree that beautiful gay men “have no right to exist.”

Carlos Maza compares gay accounts that share pictures and videos of handsome men to “cigarette and alcohol companies”, and calls them “predators.”

We have tried to reach out to Vox about their opinion on this issue, but we have not yet received a response.
It is dubious that a man known of inciting violence, and trying to censor comedians online and now spouting extreme homophobic viewpoints is still allowed on Twitter, as it goes against Twitter’s policy of “Hate speech” and “Abusive behavior.”

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