VidCon founder, author, and entrepreneur has shown his support to far-left Vox writer Carlos Maza, who has promoted doxxing and physical assault of people who disagree with his views.

Carlos Maza promoting battery and assault

Carlos Maza who is a far-left socialist writer at Vox who already is trying to cause a new “Adpocalypse” on YouTube, because YouTube refuses to ban a comedian for making jokes.

VidCon banned YouTube Creator Carl Benjamin after feminist icon Anita Sarkeesian used her platform and power at a panel at VidCon to hurl insults to Carl Benjamin, calling him a “garbage human”.
After this happened, people demanded VidCon ban Anita Sarkeesian for breaking the rules, but VidCon and Hank Green chose to stand by Anita Sarkeesian, and ban Carl Benjamin for “sitting intimidatingly.”
It is unknown if VidCon which is now owned by Viacom shares the views of Hank Green that violence is “fine.”

VidCon founder Hank Green calls far-left extremist Carlos Maza “a really cool dude”

UPDATE: The title of the article has been changed and has been added to the “Opinionated” section.
Reason: Title does not accurately reflect the article.
The article contains some form of an opinion but is still factually correct.

VidCon Founder Thinks Violence and Doxxing is Fine

Old title

VidCon Founder Sides With Controversial Far-Left Figure

New title

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