Vice Writer Yohann Koshy wrote an article blasting a comedy club for hosting comedy.
A few days ago Carlos Maza, a writer at Vox tried to get YouTube to ban a comedian for making jokes.
It is unclear as of now, if media companies are waging a war on comedy and they are, it is unknown what their motives are.

According to the article written by Yohann Koshy, the night started out with Francis Foster, the MC at Comedy Unleashed saying: “This is not a safe space. If you have come here and you’re going to get offended, fuck off!”
The audience consisted of around a hundred people and some right-wing figures were in the audience.

According to the article, it was a “shock jock” type of show, where the goal is to offend people. This is not a new genre of comedy, and late liberal comedian George Carlin was known for it.

The writer was annoyed by the fact that the comedians would make jokes about minorities, but white people as well.
No one was safe from jokes, and just because some right-wing members were part of the crowd, the writer decides it is worthy of an article.

I have reached out to Yohann Koshy to find out the reason for him to start a war with comedy.
No response as of yet.

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