A man in his 50s who allegedly carried a knife in each hand screamed “I will kill you” before stabbing a group of people waiting at a bus stop in Kawasaki city, south of the capital on Tuesday.
An 11-year-old girl and a 39-year -old man were killed during the attack.
At least 16 people were wounded, most of them schoolgirls, a city official reported.
Three were seriously wounded but it’s not thought to be life-threatening.
Police recovered the two knives at the scene, it is still unclear what the motive behind the attack was.

President Donal Trump has offered his sympathy to the victims of the mass stabbing attack.
President Trump was on stage with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe when he made the comments about Tuesday’s attack.
“I want to take a moment to send our prayers and sympathy to the victims of the stabbing attack this morning in Tokyo. All Americans stand with the people of Japan and grieves for the victims and their families.”

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said: “It was an extremely harrowing incident in which many small children were victimized, and I feel strong resentment.”

According to NHK, one witness said they heard screaming and then “saw a man standing with a knife in each hand. Then he crumbled to the ground”
Television footage showed emergency workers giving first aid to people and police carried the injured to ambulances.

Violent crimes are extremely rare in Japan, as Japan has one of the lowest rates of crime in the world.
Two years earlier, a 28-year-old man drove a truck into a crowded pedestrian crossing in Tokyo, killing three, before stabbing and killing four other people.

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