The Dutch news outlet De Telegraaf reports that Geert Wilders confirmed to them that Twitter has suspended his Twitter account.
The politician shared screenshots of his ban and says it’s “unbelievable” that his tweet in which he criticized the Dutch left-wing progressive D66 party has gotten his account suspended.

Leon de Jong, a member of the anti-Islamic right-wing PVV (Party for Freedom) voiced his anger on Twitter and shows the screenshot of the suspension and also includes a screenshot of what he described as a “Muslim” calling for the death of Geert Wilders, not having his account suspended.

Geert Wilders is an extremely controversial politician who has called for a total ban on practicing the religion of Islam in the Netherlands, banning all mosques in the Netherlands and for shutting down all Islamic schools in the Netherlands.
He has a 24/7 security detail surrounding him and lives in an undisclosed secret location due to constant death threats from Islamic extremists and far-left extremists.
After the murder of right-wing populist Pim Fortuyn, the Dutch government takes threats to those working in the government seriously.
It does seem like Geert Wilders has his account back, but it’s highly likely the Dutch politician will talk about his suspension more in the Dutch parliament.

Some Dutch Twitter users have openly shown their displeasure with Twitter after the suspension of Geert Wilders

User calls for others to retweet the photo and not bow down to “censorship”
This user is angry that “Muslims” can send death threats to Geert Wilders without being suspended.
Dutch journalist says it’s “weird that you never hear about Twitter suspending the leader of the Dutch Greenleft party or D66 party.

Other people cheer on the suspension and think it was the right thing to do.

This user says it’s good that Twitter “finally intervenes in the spread of hatred coming from Wilders.”
This user says: “Spreading hatred is not an opinion.”
Dutch journalist says that banning “incitement to hatred” isn’t surprising.

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