Twitter suspended the account on the grounds of: “Ban evasion”.
Lets set the records straight.
I had a throwaway Twitter account about a year ago, I used it to confront people politically on all sides.
I took on Alt-Right Neo-Nazis, and I took on extreme leftists.
One day, I got into a fight with a member of Antifa.
This person decided to call me a: “Filthy coon.” “Uncle Tom nigger slave bitch.” “Go suck the nazi right dick slave.”
Obviously, I reported this, as this is absolutely NOT OKAY.
But Twitter said that “it didn’t violate Twitter’s guidelines.”
At this point, I am already fuming, so I do what every normal person would do in that situation, I called him an “Asshole” and I blocked him.
A few days later, my account got permanently suspended for “Abusive behavior.”

It seems Twitter is absolutely fine with white people calling minorities “Nigger, Coon, Slave.”, but draws the line at “Asshole”

Twitter reminding me that calling a racist an “Asshole” a year ago, cost me my account

But here are the tweets of the racist asshole, yes his account is still up and so are his tweets.
Remember! Calling someone an “Asshole” for using racist slurs against you IS NOT OKAY.

Why he calls me a “right winger”?
Because I told him that it’s not okay to call Kanye West a “Coon” for openly supporting someone.
I was called a right winger for telling someone to not be racist…. Thanks Jack!

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