The Liberal voice has been “Offline” for a while since the person who moderates our articles passed away.
I am the only one with the same access privilege, and I just returned from my holiday.

I knew Monica as she was the one who came up with the idea of having a website that would be transparent and confront not only the reader, but the writers with their own bias.
So far, we are the only site that provides the potential bias of our writers.
This hurts all of us, and our thoughts, prayers, and attention will now be focussed on Monica’s family.

It is hard to tell if The Liberal Voice will continue operating, or if I decide we call it quits.
We have received many emails about some of our writers and what they say on social media like Twitter and Facebook.
What our writers say or do off-site is not our business.
The writers don’t get paid much, and it a lot of cases, they don’t.
This is Monica’s passion project.
She was the one paying everyone from her own pocket, even though she didn’t agree ideologically with many of us.
So you can stop emailing us about how “writer X said this on Twitter!!!”
We are concentrating on more important things right now.

You might see articles pop up from time to time, as our writers made a lot of them.
I will take my time to read through them and publish those that might be still relevant today.
If the writers decide to get back to writing, I will publish their new stuff as well.

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Lindsay Felicia
Lindsay FeliciaWriter & head of TLV
Writer, cancer survivor, and audio technician.
Every story has some bias, understanding your own bias ensures neutrality.
Hatred has no political leaning.