The far-left terrorist organization Antifa has shown up in Portland to protest a free speech demonstration and conservative journalist Andy Ngo has been the victim of an attack already.

As he tries to cover the Antifa side, he quickly gets surrounded by mainly white Antifa-members calling themselves “anti-fascist” and “anti-racist”, but they seem to have no problem with spitting on and throwing milkshakes at Andy Ngo.

Portland has been known for being a breeding ground for far-left extremists, and they already called for violence using Facebook and Twitter.
Even though these actions are against Facebook’s and Twitter’s ToS, they have yet to be banned.

Journalist Andy Ngo is a controversial figure as he has voiced positive opinions about the far-right Proud Boys group, which is known for seeking out Antifa to fight them.
Some accuse the reporter of racism due to him sometimes reporting on criminals who are African-American.
Controversial or not, physical violence is never okay.

Pouring drinks over minorities to humiliate them is unfortunately not a new thing.

Andy Ngo can be followed on twitter @MrAndyNgo

The far-left extremists attacked journalist Andy Ngo making him bleed.
Portland police were nowhere to be found.
Antifa-members could be heard chanting: “All cops are bastards, ACAB”
Some have been spotted carrying weapons.
Portland police did nothing to calm down the already tense situation caused by Antifa, and unfortunately, Andy Ngo has been the victim of that.
If you have witnessed the attack, please contact the Portland police department.

Reporter Jim Ryan captures this disturbing footage

It is not the first time the far-left Antifa targets gay people and minorities.
They have called black police officers “Fucking N*ggers”, they have set a limousine of a Muslim migrant on fire and they attacked a Latino father and son.

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