The final FIFA Women’s Soccer quarterfinals match has ended in a win for Sweden.

Earlier on the day, the Netherlands managed to beat out Italy with 2-0.
The first goal came in the 70th minute when Vivianne Miedema made a stunning header, and the second goal came in the 80th minute and was made by Stefanie van der Gragt.

Sweden surprised bookmakers and fans by beating out Germany with 2-1.
In the first half Germany scored the first goal in the 16th minute, but unfortunatly for Germany, and for goal maker Lina Magull, that would be their only goal.
Sweden quickly recovered in the 22nd minute and Sofia Jakobsson made the equalizer.

Shortly after the second half started, Stina Blackstenius scored the second goal for Sweden in the 48th minute.
Germany was simply no match for Sweden.

On Tuesday, England will face team USA at 9 PM CEST/3 PM EDT.
The Netherlands face Sweden Wednesday at 9 PM CEST/3 PM EDT.

Team USA is the current World Cup Champion, and the Netherlands is the current European Cup Champion, so a final between these two countries would be spectacular to see!

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