As more and more antitrust probes are making their way in tech companies, the stock market took a huge hit.
Google and Facebook together drop 90 billion dollars in stock worth.
After complaints by many who feel like there is a “tech monopoly” and the EU fining companies like Facebook and Google for unfair practices, the US antitrust probes are taking a look at Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon and more.

American antitrust officials have been under increasing pressure from both Democratic and Republican lawmakers to step up scrutiny of tech giants, and several presidential candidates have already made it their campaign promise to break up these big tech companies.
These investigations could take at least 5 years, Bank of America’s Post said.

Many conservatives are begging the government to start regulating social media giants due to what they percieve as “censorship”, with even the EFF agreeing.
Right-wing libertarians don’t want the government to regulate these companies, as they fear that the government will take away some freedoms that users enjoy.
While others argue that the government can only enforce the companies to adhere to free-speech laws, and can’t take them away as it would be unconstitutional.

President Trump was ordered by a judge to unblock people from his Twitter account, as they state that it’s a “public platform”, and it infringes on constitutional rights.
Right now, social media companies are enjoying the tax benefits of a platform, but increasingly act as publishers.

Source: Bloomberg

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