A video surfaced online showing Phoenix police officers shouting, cursing and even pointing their loaded gun at the face of a pregnant mother and her child.
The video was published by Meg O’Connor, who works for Phoenix New Times.

According to the family, “it all began after their daughter walked out of a Family Dollar store with a doll.”

It is unclear why the police officers behaved in such a dangerous and reckless way.
Some users online quickly called the police officers “racists” and called for the firing of the officers in question.

Some argue that people should wait for more information and that people “don’t know what the call sounded like.”

It is true that the cops might have thought there was an armed robbery in progress, it is still inexcusable to point a loaded gun at a pregnant mother and a child, while also screaming that you will “put a cap” in someone’s head when they clearly are complying to the police orders.

According to the Phoenix New Times, the family has filed a 10 million dollar claim.

Video contains material that some might view as disturbing.

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