At E3, Nintendo showcased all of their upcoming games, but for some reason, the internet exploded with love for Pokemon’s Sword & Shield gym leader Nessa.
People fell in love with the water type gym leader, and minutes after Nintendo’s E3 conference ended, the internet was flooded with fan art.

Fan art made by Homuchu

From adorable chibi art to full-blown masterpieces, and of course, as per usual, sexual images of Nessa started to appear on imageboards.

Memes and art depicting several characters of the upcoming Pokemon game made many people laugh, but also look at the art pieces and be in awe.

Merryweatherey creates a funny meme involving Nessa
Japanese artist Najuco creates this beautiful rendition of Nessa

People from around the world created their own memes and art pieces of the beloved gym leader Nessa, and all seemed well!
However, like with everything on the internet that is beautiful and sweet, some decided to attack artists.

User @Jasminjoestar attacks artist Najuco

Quickly people thinking they speak for minority groups started to “fix” the creations of other people.
Twitter user @Jasminjoestar is no exception.
Jasmin took it upon herself to make some alterations of the work created by Najuco, because in her eyes, Nessa looked “too white.”

Not only did she rudely post her altered version on the feed of original artist Najuco, but she also told Najuco to not “lighten darker skinned characters.”
For obvious reasons Najuco felt attacked and fired back, asking is Jasmin could take down the altered artwork.

This caused some trouble in the Pokemon community, and people started to share their own takes on what Jasmin did.
Some supported Jasmin, but the overwhelming majority thought it was “offensive” to alter someone’s artwork and disrespect them.

Twitter user @childshgamdeemo chimed in

Twitter user @childshgamdeemo tweeted out their displeasure about the actions of Jasmin and got a lot of love and support from the community who seemed to agree.
Colleague Miguel Heven asked Childshgamdeemo what their opinion was about the alterations of Nessa artwork not deemed “black enough,” and what their opinion was on “lighter” versions of Nessa.

while it seemed like the artist was white washing to some people that wasn’t the case, just a lighter color palette

Childshgamdeemo’s response to Miguel’s question about the skin tone of the Nessa piece.

When asked about Childshgamdeemo’s opinion about “fixing” other people’s artwork, Childshgamdeemo responded with: “I don’t think it’s right for people to “fix” art like that, it’s disrespectful” and continued with: “if some other artist does make the character white, it depends on how you look at it and the context behind it, if there’s malicious/racist intent behind changing the skin color then that’s trash, but if they just wanna see the character differently then that’s what they wanna do, either way at the end of the day it’s their art and they’re allowed to do what they want. People are allowed to criticize it, while still being respectful”

A small portion of the community calls lighter skinned Nessa artwork “white washing” and “erasing black people.”
While the other much larger side simply seems to be fine with it.

Even artist @Merryweatherey who created the “Scottish trainer meets Nessa” meme, has come under fire for not making Nessa “black enough.”

Merry apologizing for not making Nessa black enough.

Nessa made an apology tweet, but Merry’s fan quickly told Merry to not change a thing.
Merry still decided to continue making the changes, because Merry wanted to make the meme accessible and fun for everyone.

The vocal minority “fixing” other people’s artwork annoyed people to such an extent, that Twitter user @Anonemose made a satirical tweet about it, and “fixed” Nintendo’s original design and made Nessa white.

Many users picked up on the satirical nature of this tweet, but the “Nessa police” got outraged over it.
Some even went so far as to call for the death of the Twitter user.

For now, the love for Nessa outshines the toxic “art police”, and we can’t wait for the game to release!

Nessa artwork by Kitkaloid.

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