Argentina managed to earn a bronze medal after defeating Chili in an exciting 2-1 match.
Lionel Messi received a red card just before half time, and after the match was won, Messi refused to receive his bronze medal.

Messi couldn’t believe it when he was sent off, and this has only been his second red card is his entire career so far.
When Messi ran towards the changing rooms, La Albiceleste was already leading 2-0. Chile came back to 2-1, but eventually Argentina took the bronze medal away.

A striking feature of the ceremony was the absence of the five-time Ballon d’Or winner, who did not want to receive a medal. “I refused because I don’t want to be part of this corrupt gang and because of the lack of respect,” Messi said to TyC Sports afterward.

“They didn’t want us in the final,” Messi continues. “Soccer is ruined. The corruption and the referees have never given people the chance to enjoy themselves. It is the truth and that must be said.”

In an official statement, CONMEBOL (the South American Football Association, ed.) Sharply condemned the statements of the world star. “These accusations are unacceptable and unfounded. In soccer, you win and sometimes you lose. Results and decisions of the arbitration must be accepted with respect, that is one of the basic principles of sportiness. ”

Argentina played the host country Brazil in the semi-final battle. Messi and co. had the better of the game, but had to take a 2-0 defeat after 90 minutes. At the time, Messi was also unhappy about the arbitration and expressed dissatisfaction with the Argentinian media.
“The referees gave nonsensical yellow cards and were never consulted by the VAR. Unbelievable, that’s how it went throughout the game, “said Messi, seethingly, who felt that there was a constant whistle in Brazil’s favor. “I hope the CONMEBOL will do something about this, but it will not. Brazil has too much power and they had to make it to the final. “

The statements Messi made afterward about Brazil and the referees, and his red card against Chile, are inseparably linked according to the Argentinian. “I think I was sent off the field because of my statements earlier this tournament,” said Messi, who suspects who will win the Copa América. “Brazil. I don’t even doubt that. I think they have a free passage. I hope that the referees and the VAR give Peru a fair chance to take on the battle, but I see it gloomy. ”

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