As the results of the European Election are coming in slowly, the estimates of how the French voted is already in, and it’s very surprising.
National Rally (Rassemblement National), the party of right-wing populist Marine Le Pen, seems to have beaten the Macron’s “En Marche!” by a thin margin.
After months of protests by the Yellow Vest Movement (Mouvement des gilets jaunes), it comes as a surprise that the party of the current French president Emmanuel Macron managed to take second place.
It was already known that Le Pen would have a decent chance, as would left-wing parties, due to the union of Left-Right that is the Yellow Vest Movement, that protested against the current government.
It still manages to surprise many people that Le Pen was the one that benefited the most out of this all.

Marine Le Pen’s National Rally taking 23.53%
President Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche! taking 22.47%

On Twitter, users from other European Union member countries, seem to have their opinions.
Some people call it “The rise of Nazis”, whilst others celebrate this win.
As is the internet, people are quick to demonize “the other side”, so mentions of “Nazism” doesn’t come as a surprise.

It is unclear at this point if this is an indicator of what to expect for the next French national elections or not, as only 50.97% of the French people who were eligible to vote, voted.
Will France ready up for a possible future where they have President Marine Le Pen, or will this be a wake-up call to President Emmanuel Macron, that the people demand him changing his current course.
Only time will tell.

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