The controversial Sea-Watch 3 which had 40 migrants on board, docked at Lampedusa.
Captain Carola Rackete has been arrested by the police according to the spokesperson of Sea-Watch.

The German organization Sea-Watch claims that the captain declared an emergency situation, but no one answered the call.
The captain then decided to dock, but the Italian police was informed about it and stood ready to arrest anyone on board when they would dock.

She is accused of complicity in human smuggling and ignoring an order from the crew of a naval vessel, the Public Prosecutor in Agrigento reported.

It is unknown what will happen with the 40 migrants that were on board, but according to Sea-Watch “Germany, Portugal, France and Luxembourg are ready to take them in.”

Sea-Watch is a controversial organization as some people believe that Sea-Watch goes to Africa to pick up migrants who want to go to Europe for economic reasons, which in turn helps human smugglers.
Others say that Sea-Watch only picks up migrants near the coast of Africa when they see a migrant boat is in danger of sinking.

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