Gay Pride is a well known outdoor event where people celebrate the ability to openly express their sexuality without consequences of being arrested by the government.
As gay acceptance is at an all-time high, and some wonder if we still need a “pride fest.”

In short the answer is: “Yes, yes we still need the pride event.”
The long answer is a bit more complicated.
There are some confusions as to what the Pride event really means.
Some think that it means to be “proud” of being gay, bisexual, etc.
However, that’s not why the Pride fest exists.
The Pride fest exists with the idea that men and women can come together and celebrate the fact that they can be straight, gay, bisexual, etc, without fear of governmental procecution.

Some argue that the Pride event has become overly sexualized.
Those that argue this point are not just conservatives but some liberal LGBTQ+ members also agree.
While in some places like Amsterdam, it is not uncommon to see people flashing their genitals characterization standing on a boat going through the canals, it is an extremely small minority of people who do this.
It is still punishable in most countries to flash your genitals in the public, and most of the times, these people do get arrested for it.

Sexualizing sexuality in itself is a bad idea, as people might associate public flashing and such to homosexuality, which is an unfair characterization.

The Pride event is also a symbol for those living in countries where being homosexual could land you in prison, or in some cases, the death penalty.
There are still many misconceptions of what the Pride fest is which still need to be explained to many people who don’t understand it.
Some even think it’s about superiority due to the name being “Pride”, but this could not be further from the truth.
Some argue that it should be named something completely different to make sure there is no confusion about what the parade stands for.

But in conclusion, yes the Pride parade/Pride fest/Pride event is still needed because violence and sexual assault against LGBTQ+ people still exist in Western countries.
And as long as there is a country on the planet that criminalizes homosexuality, we need to come together as a people to fight injustices, and celebrate how far we have come as a society.

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