Ian Bremmer who is a professor at NYU tweeted “President Trump in Tokyo: “Kim Jong Un is smarter and would make a better president than Sleepy Joe Biden” has shaken up the twitter landscape.
Not only was this false, media jumped on it to retweet and talk about it.
Here are some examples of people taking the bait.
Curtousy of @Julio_Rosas11

As expected, those with an open hatred for the president used it as fuel.
Fact checking or even opening the twitter account of the president was a little too much for them it seems.

President Donald Trump fired back, and the way the anti-Trump media and pundits reacted, will only strengthen the president’s credibility about “Fake News”.
The president already suggests changes in the libel laws that could hold media outlets accountable for spreading false information.
It is unclear as of yet how this would be feasible, as personal bias will definitely play a key role in determining if something is fake or fact.

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