The lawyer of a human trafficking victim in the Netherlands has blasted Dutch police on Twitter.

Lawyer of the victim

Just received an email from the police. My client, the victim of #humantrafficking, wants to file a police report. The police have no time, the waiting period is more than 4 months. Police are looking at how to solve this problem on a national level.

Translation of the Tweet

For Dutch people, this might not come as a surprise, as Dutch newspaper AD found out, that more than half of police reports filed are thrown away.

In 2016 there were 930,000 police reports filed for various crimes and 511,000 of them were thrown away by the police, which is around 55%.
Victims of internet fraud and theft are left by the roadside, as Dutch police will only investigate those crimes if enough police reports are filed.

According to RTV Noord 9 out of 10 victims of internet fraud and theft have their police reports thrown in the trash, even if the victim provides enough evidence and gives the police the exact location of the perpetrator, the police don’t do anything.

De Correspondent reports that 8 out of 10 crimes commited in the Netherlands go unsolved, making the Dutch police force one of the most ineffective police forces in developed nations.

Dutch people took to Twitter to voice their outrage about how the police treated the victim of human trafficking.

“That’s crazy! What a disaster!”
“But they do have time to send out an email.”
” That is no longer a waiting time. That is a discouragement policy. “

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