The first Democratic Presidential Debate happened, and Tulsi Gabbard became the break out winner if we believe Google analytics.

Many are still not convinced it seems, but the question that Democrats should have is: “How can we beat President Trump?”
It would be the first thing you would think about if you would run for president, but it seems as though not many have thought that question through.

Elizabeth Warren’s plan to break up big tech companies is something President Trump has been talking about as well, and if we compare both Trump and Warren, we see many similarities.
Both want to tackle big tech, but for different reasons.
Trump believes big tech are “censoring” conservative voices, which is backed up by several Project Veritas videos, where they uncover that high ranking members of Google even talked about “preventing another Trump situation,” and even Quillette seems to agree that Social Media platforms are censoring conservatives after they did a study of their own.

Warren on the other hand believes that big tech are simply becoming too big and have too much power, which is backed up by the fact that Russia tried to use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to divide the country and spread propaganda.

Both Warren and Trump claim to be fighting for the working class people, but it seems to not be effective when Warren claims this, as the economy is doing well, and unemployment rates are already at a record low.

Tulsi Gabbard seems to differ from most other candidates as her main focus is to “stop endless wars” which only Andrew Yang seems to really agree with.

Stop Trying To Bribe Voters.

Bribing voters seems to be the number 1 priority among most Democratic Party candidates.
Reparations for the African-American community, reparations for the LGBTQ+ community, free college, free healthcare for all, free healthcare for illegal immigrants, free housing, Universal Basic Income, higher wages, and it goes on.
It all seems to be endless empty promises, because to actually make these things possible, there has to be an increase of at least 80% in taxes across the board.

Even though it’s clear as day to most voters that these promises will not be kept.

Bribing voters is NOT the way to win the election, the only thing it will do is make you as a candidate look untrustworthy, as most voters can see through a politician’s lie.

Focus On Immigration

Immigration, especially illegal immigration, seems to be a hot topic in the US today.
The thing Democrats and Republicans used to agree on was that illegal immigration is bad for the US economy, and needs to be stopped at all cost.
Democrats in 2019 seem to forget that most Americans are against open border policies.
While Republicans believe that every single illegal immigrant should be deported, no matter what, Democrats are known to be kinder and believe in projects like DACA and opportunities that lead to the path of citizenship.

Show the voters that you care about stopping illegal immigration as it, unfortunately, leads to casualties as people believe they can “make it to the US.”
Child trafficking, human trafficking, sexual assault, rapes, those are the things that illegal immigrants face on their journey to the US, and that needs to stop.
Stop encouraging people to risk their lives, only to be deported.
Ensure that there are enough judges to look at every single case, and ensure that refugees get protection.

Producer Sara Gonzales even points out on Twitter, that this was the stance of President Obama, and it has always been the stance of the Democratic party to stop illegal immigration and to save lives.

Stop Blaming Trump For Your Own Mistakes

There used to be a joke where everyone would say: “Thanks Obama” when anything went wrong in their life.
Democrats have been using “Thanks Trump” to blame President Trump for everything in the world which only strenghtens him.

First Democrats claimed that there was no crisis at the border, Democrats even went as far as to say that it was a “manufactured crisis” even though thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants tried to get in the US.
Democrats blocked every single bill issued by Republicans that would make it so that border security agents would receive money for beds, food, water and medicine in the migrant detention camps.
Trump even warned that people would die if they didn’t pass these bills, and he ended up being right.

Now, Schumer and friends blame Trump for the death of a father and a child, and even dared to show that picture for everyone to see.
This disgusting display of using the death of people, for political gains just shows that people like Shumer don’t care about these people.
Democrats don’t use dead bodies to win voters, Democrats use facts, so start using facts again.

AOC’s photoshoot at a so called “detention center” was another example of Democrats that simply don’t care about people, but simply care about being liked.
If this kind of behavior is what Democrats will try to use to win, then congratulations, you just gave the White House to the Republicans for the next 5 decades.

Instead cheering on people who walk away from a company because it manufactures beds for children in the detention center, point out the stupidity in that, and shun them for refusing to make beds for dying children.

Most important of all, stop pushing Trump to war with Iran.
We all know that President Trump has an ego that is out of this world, so for the love of human life, STOP PUSHING HIS NUMBERS.

Less Virtue Signaling

If virtue signaling was a sport, then most Democratic candidates would be top tier athletes.
Most Americans don’t want reparations for slavery as it doesn’t make sense to pay those who never suffered slavery and punish those who never owned a slave.
A case could be made for reparations for those who lived under Jim Crow but stop trying to buy up voters with empty promises.

Stop speaking Spanish when you’re having a debate, nobody cares about the fact that you can speak Spanish.
Most voters speak English, and if you want to pander to the Spanish speaking community, do so in your free time.
When people watch you on stage, they want to see your best, not someone who is trying to score brownie points.

Also, stop being racist on Twitter.
Not every Hispanic person is an Illegal immigrant, not every Hispanic person has family members who are illegal immigrants, stop being racist.

Be Better Than Trump

While President Trump is ranting and raving on Twitter about how CNN is “Fake News” and how everyone is mean to him, instead of fighting him on Twitter, just be a better person.
Stop going low, stop calling his base “Nazi’s, white supremacists, deplorable” etc.
Treat his base with respect and dignity, and stop acting like half of the US are Neo-Nazi’s who want to have a Holocaust 2: Electric Boogaloo.

If Trump chews on Liberals, let him do so.
Don’t chew on conservatives, don’t chew on liberals, don’t chew on centrists and moderates.
Show his base why you would be a better option than him.
Use facts, play it smart, and don’t just scream “Trump is a bad man!”

Americans don’t want another war, especially not with Iran, but Americans also don’t want to be blackmailed by Iran.
The Iran deal was the worst thing that America has done, and it failed the spirit of “never negotiate with terrorists.”
LGBTQ+ people in Iran are murdered every single day, women in Iran are forced to cover up their hair and have absolutely no rights.
We shouldn’t pay Iran money to NOT build nuclear weapons, we should get them to change their ways, and that is by putting sanctions on the country.
Iran should not be awarded for killing LGBTQ+ people, that will only send a wrong message.

Stop Being Anti-Semetic

This shouldn’t be a difficult thing to figure out, but it seems like Democrats today, really don’t like Jews at all.

It’s easy to scream that Trump and his supporters are all “Nazi’s” but it doesn’t seem very believable when you defend racism and anti-Semitism from within your own party.

Tlaib, Omar, Booker and AOC all have said disgusting anti-Semetic things, and they are still there.
When Rep. Steve King said that there was “nothing wrong with White Nationalism” Republicans immidatly removed him from Committee assignments, what did Democrats do when their own Reps. started Tweeting out disgusting anti-Semetic comments?

From calling a black woman a “token” to saying that the terrorists of 9/11 were simply “people who did something”, it seems like the Democrats have lost touch with their base.

The leaders of the Women’s March turned out to be rabid anti-Semites, yet AOC still went to their rally.
Booker, AOC, Tlaib and Omar have all refused to condemn racist anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan who has called Jews “termites” and even showed his support for Adolf Hitler, coining him a “great man.”
The four Reps. also haven’t condemned Linda Sarsour who is also an outspoken anti-Semite who even openly stated that women should have their “vaginas removed.”

Win Back The Liberal Block

Most Americans are not far-left or far-right, and because President Trump is fairly moderate, he has a strong base.
Democrats have gone further and further left, leaving liberals to vote either independant, not vote or vote for Trump.

Most Americans want more moderate positions, pandering to the Twitter far-left will not win over liberals.
Liberals don’t believe in most of the things the far-left does, and by pandering to the far-left they are pushing liberals to vote against the Democratic party.

Liberals don’t believe in segregation, where as the far-left does.
Liberals don’t believe in the absolutely insade “pyramid of white supremacy” the far-left does.
Liberals don’t believe in deplatforming people or censorship, the far-left does.
Liberals aren’t right-wing liberatians who keep shouting: “It’s a private company, they can do what they want,” the far-left is.
Liberals don’t believe in any form of violence, be it “punching Nazi’s” or throwing milkshakes, the far left does.
Stop confusing us with radicals.

Pyramid of insanity

Talk about bettering healthcare to win over the Social-Liberals, and not scream that you would ensure “free healthcare” to attract the few Socialists.
Talk about how you would combat illegal immigration that benefits American citizens, especially the African-American community to win over the Conservative-Liberals.
Fight for Liberal values!

Condemn Antifa and Socialism

Stop ignoring the terrorist organization known as “ANTIFA.”
These far-left neo-fascists use violence to hurt not just Conservatives, but also Liberals, Centrists and anyone with common sense.
With over 600+ Trump supporters having been attacked since 2016 by these terrorists, it should be an indicator that these idiots need to be stopped.

You can talk about far-right muders all you want, and you would be correct that the far-right is deadlier in their attacks, but far-left attacks occur more often, and even though they aren’t deadly in most cases, it’s still unacceptable.
Condemn any extremist organization, from the Alt-right to the Black Hebrew Israelites.

Socialism is also NOT the ally of the left, embracing Socialism would be as sickening as the GOP openly embracing Nazism.
Yes, Socialists ARE just as bad as Nazis.
Anyone defending Socialism shouldn’t be taken seriously, especially when the ideology has over a 100 million deaths to their name, which is even worse than Nazism and Fascism combined.
Social-Democrats and Social-Liberals need to be your focus, not so called “Democratic”-Socialists.

Call Out Fake News, Especially On Your Own Side

Any candidate whether it’s a Democrat or Republican should always call out fake news.
It’s easy to call out conspiracy loons like Alex Jones, but also call out Rachel Maddow who is the equivalent of Alex Jones.
For years she spread fake news, she has said “Russia” in one of her shows more than anyone would say in their lifetime, and spread fear about how the “Russians will take out our electrical grid!!!!”

Call out fake news by CNN when they smeared the Covington Kids, call out Jussie Smullet, call out fake hate crime hoaxes, call these things out.

Use Common Sense

Lastly, use common sense.
Celebrating your birthday in an abortion clinic is not using common sense.

Fight for cheaper, easier and better access to contraceptives, fight for better Sex education, and stop pissing off pro-lifers with idiotic things like “unlimited abortion.”

Nobody wants unlimited abortions, and the fact that New York and several other states allow abortions up until one day before you would be due is sickening.
Look at Europe and stick with the simple 12-weeks rule, and implement it on a National level.
If states like New York implement outrageous unlimited abortions, then it’s no wonder why conservative states want to outright ban abortions.

Obviously after the 12-weeks people could still have an abortion is their life is at risk, but right now the thought that a person who is 8 months pregnant being able to casually get an abortion for no reason is insane.
Sure, it doesn’t happen often, but mass shootings don’t happen often either, yet the media keeps talking about them.

Right now there are only two candidates that can be considered “liberal.”
Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang.

Go for the Liberal block, because if you don’t, you will lose them to the Republicans, and if that happens, then it’s only a matter of time before California turns red again.
If you don’t fight for us, we won’t fight for you.

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