Today the Greeks are going to the polls for the national elections.
According to the polls, the Greeks are going for a change of power.
This will mean that the current left-wing Prime Minister Tsipras can pack his bags.
The favorite so far seems to be the conservative-liberal Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Mitsotakis and his party won with a huge margin from the party of Tsipras, Syriza, during the European elections. Mitsotakis then won with 33 percent of the votes. The question with this is, therefore more: will Mitsotakis achieve an absolute majority?

Tsipras still had hoped that he could finish his term until October. But after European and local heavy losses in the elections earlier this year, the big losses came unexpectedly. So there was no other option than to hold elections early.

As a result of the issue of Northern Macedonia, Tsipras has lost a lot of votes, the name issue of Macedonia was sensitive among the Greeks.
With the compromise between Macedonia – now Northern Macedonia – and Tsipras.

The middle class, in particular, are done with Tsipras, they have been noticing for years that the Syriza government has been introducing one tax increase after the other that has hit their wallets considerably.

According to the latest polls, the carved favorite Mitsotakis is in very good condition. The absolute majority must be attainable, yet it remains exciting. The Greeks are not used to holding elections in July. Since this is their holiday month, the turnout is therefore expected to be lower than normal. We will know how this will turn out for Mitsotakis when all votes are counted.

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