The game streaming platform created by Google called “Google Stadia” might be dead on arrival.

When rumors first leaked, many thought that Google Stadia might be a “Netflix for games.”
This excited many gamers, as Netflix is a highly popular video streaming platform which makes money by charging it’s users a monthly fee.
However, those who thought Google would do the same for gaming have felt let down.

Google Stadia comes in two forms.
The basic edition, which is free but has limitations.
With the basic edition the highest resolution possible is 1080p with a maximum of 60fps and stereo sound.

The Pro edition costs $10 per month, with a maximum resolution of 4k, 60fps and 5.1 surround sound.
Even though the Pro edition allows users a higher resolution, it all depends on the internet speed of the users themselves.

The bare minimum requirement to play anything on Google Stadia is an internet connection with at least 10 Mbit/s internet speed, to play games on 720p.
To be able to stream games in 4k, one would need a 35 Mbit/s connection, which is extremely high for US standards, as the average internet speed in the US is around 18.7 Mbit/s.
Not only that, the issue for some might be their monthly cap, which one will go through very quickly if they use Google Stadia on a daily basis.

The thing that seems to bother a lot of people as well as the fact that games are bought separately for their full retail price of $60.
Concerns that some had with this was that people didn’t know if they would still have access to bought games if they canceled their Pro edition subscription, but Google stated that people will still be able to play their bought games on the free edition on Google Stadia, but would simply only be able to play those games on a lower resolution than the Pro Edition.

Google Stadia also announced a Founders Edition which gives you early access to Stadia, 3 months of Stadia Pro, a limited edition Stadia controller, a Chromecast Ultra, and the ability to give yourself a custom name.

The reason why some think Google Stadia might be DOA is due to a few simple facts.
If you would purchase a Playstation or an Xbox, you can still insert the game discs that you bought. You can play them at any time, but when it comes to Google Stadia, you are relying on the servers of Google.
If the servers go down, you will not have access to your games, and therefore not the ability to play the games that you bought.
Not only that, if Google decides to pull the plug on Stadia, all the money you spent on buying games will be gone, and so will your games and the save files.

It is unknown how many people will use Google Stadia, but it is believed that they’ll get a small market share, but nowhere near the amount of market share held by Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

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