With the European Election results coming in, it seems that the Euroskeptics have made some impressive waves.
In the UK, the Brexit party made a stunning landslide win with 31.71% of the vote.
What makes this so unique, is that the Brexit party led by Nigel Farage is only 6 weeks old!
It is unclear however how much of an impact the Brexit party will have in the European Union, due to the UK leaving the European Union.
Even though Nigel Farage might claim a huge win, it has to be noted that only 37% of those eligible to vote in the UK, voted.

The Brexit party takes 31.71% of the votes, leaving the Conservatives at only 8.71%

In Italy, the party of Prime Minister Salvini, Lega Salvini also managed to win big.
Lega Salvini managed to take 34.33% of the vote, but the social-democrat party PD managed to get 22.69% of the vote.
It seems that the Euroskeptic Italians are here to stay.
54% of all eligible voters, voted in Italy, which is a lot more than in the UK and above the average of 50% across the European Union Member states.

Lega Salvini takes the lead with 34.33% of the votes.

In France, Marine Le Pen’s National Rally also managed to beat out Macron’s En Marche! by a small margin.
While National Rally got 23.53% of the vote, it seems that a lot of French citizens still have a lot of faith in the current leadership with 22.47% of the vote.
This is an odd result as the world has been watching the Yellow Vest Movement protest for several months.
It was expected En Marche! would face a crushing defeat, and a rise in right and left-wing parties, but it seems that is not the case.
In France, 50% of the people eligible to vote, voted which is about the average turnout across the European Union Member states.

National Rally (Formerly known as National Front) beat out Macron’s party by a small margin.

In Belgium conservative New Flemish Alliance managed to win with 13.47% of the vote, however, the Populist Euroskeptic Far-Right Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) managed to end up second place with 11.45% of the vote, narrowly beating out the Far-left Socialist Party which managed to take 10.50%.
Belgium’s voter turnout is the highest of all the European Union Member states, with a whopping 88.47% of eligible voters, voting.
Whereas the European Elections are usually extremely low across every European country, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Malta managed to get their citizens to come out and vote.

Conservative Party NVA wins with 13.47% of the votes. Euroskeptic Party Flemish Interest wins second place with 11.45% of the votes.

Even though Euroskeptic waves have certainly been made, it has still been beaten out in many countries.
In Germany, Merkel’s CDU has won with 28.90% of the votes, the left-wing Green party ended up second with 20.50% of the vote, followed by the Socialist Democrats with 15.80% of the vote.
Even though Alternative for Germany (AfD) was expected to win a lot more seats, they ended up with only 11% of the vote.
In Germany, 61% of the people eligible voted, which is a higher than average turnout.
The Euroskeptics in Germany either didn’t come out in droves or the German people are generally happy with the European Union.

Trust in Merkel remains

Also in the Netherlands, the Euroskeptics didn’t come out to vote, but rather stayed home, as only 40% of the Dutch citizens voted, which is below the average across Europe.
Surprisingly the Dutch Labour party (PvdA) did manage to get their voters to the booth and win with 18.90% of the vote!
The Far-Right Euroskeptic Party for Freedom (PVV) has fallen all the way down into obscurity with only 3.50% of the vote.
In the Netherlands, it seems like the Euroskeptics stayed home, which is very common among European Union Member states.
It is unclear if this is due to a lack of faith in the European Union, or simply laziness.
The Freedom For Democracy party led by Prime-Minister Mark Rutte (VVD) still managed to get 14.60% of the vote, the Christian Democrats (CDA) 12.10% and the Far-Left Greenleft (Groenlinks) party managed to get 10.90% of the vote, which ties them with the Conservative-Liberal party Forum for Democracy (FvD), which an open Euroskeptic party led by Thierry Baudet.
The day before the elections, there was a huge 1-on-1 debate between Prime-Minister Mark Rutte (VVD) and Thierry Baudet (FvD) as they were expected to both be the number one contender to win.
Even though both managed to entertain the Dutch viewing audience, Thierry Baudet didn’t manage to get his supporters to get out of their couches and vote.

Dutch Labour Party PvdA managed to get their voters to the booth, and sneak out a win.

Even though these results are likely not to be an indicator of anything, it is interesting to see how this will pan out.
Now that the Euroskeptics have their voices in the European Parlement, only time will tell if they can achieve anything at all.

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