The Electronic Frontier Foundation has announced that they would be launching their new “TOSsed Out” program, which will track and document ways that a platform’s Terms of Service (TOS), is being unevenly applied to users.
Conservative and right-wing users have said they have been “unfairly” treated by platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but now it seems like it has caught the attention of the EFF.
According to the EFF, their “TOSsed Out” program continues in the vein of, which EFF launched in 2014 to collect reports from users in an effort to encourage social media companies to operate with greater transparency.

The White House launched a tool that users could use to report incidents of “censorship” on social media earlier after President Trump repeatedly alleged that social media platforms held a bias against conservatives and that they “unfairly” treat people based on political beliefs.
EFF doesn’t believe there’s a specific bias against conservatives, but rather that everyone regardless of political background is a possible “target” for “unfair” bannings.

Even if President Trump, the conservatives and the Electronic Frontier Foundation can’t agree about whether or not there is a conservative “bias”, both are standing strong and are proponents of social media sites only banning “illegal” speech, and protect “legal” speech.
It is unclear if this push by EFF will have any impact or not, but it’s one of the first “big” players that stands up for “free” speech.


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