Dutch right-wing Pegida leader Edwin Wagensveld was attacked yesterday while handing out anti-Islam flyers at the Al Fourqaan mosque in the Hague.

Edwin Wagensveld who is known in the Netherlands for his anti-Islamic extremism views, was handing out flyers that criticized Islam as being a “violent” religion, was attacked by violent Islamic mosque visitors.

Some view Pegida as a normal right-wing organization, but it’s leader’s past makes it difficult to say if the Dutch Pegida group is right-wing or far-right.

Dutch Twitter was divided about the incident, some say that “he had it coming” because he “provoked” people.
Others argue that violence is never the correct response to someone voicing an opinion, and we at the Liberal Voice will always firmly stand against violence.

Some on the far-right see this attack as confirmation about their anti-Islamic beliefs, and it seems that this incident only further divides the country.

Belgian right-wing politician tweets out a video of the attack.

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