DeepFakes have been the issue many wanted to tackle the past few years, but now a new app called “DeepNude” has popped up and stirred some controversy online.

People seem to be divided on the technology, some think it’s a sign of progression in the technology department, others find it “sexist.”

DeepNude has stated on their website that they are working on a “male” version, which works the same as the current version, but it will add a penis to pictures.

DeepFakes are videos and photos that have been modified by using AI learning technology, an example of this technology can be found below which is a compilation video where users with the technology altered movie scenes and edited the face of Nicolas Cage on characters.

DeepFake technology has already been used to add faces of famous actrices to porn videos, which in a lot of cases look convincingly real.
DeepNude takes the reverse route and instead of being able to add the face of someone on a video or picture, it adds naked body parts to the picture.

Some have expressed concerns that this might increase “revenge porn” photos circulating online, others point out that those pictures can be easily debunked by showing the original picture.

Either way, technology is advancing, and the porn industry has always been a huge contributor in technological advancements, from the internet download speeds to VR headsets, there might be a non-porn use for this technology in the future, but for now, it’s simply a porn tool.

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