Media outlets Euronews, Independent, Daily Beast, Daily Mail, FOX 10, India Today, and many more fell for a fake news stor today.

Euronews reported that Noa Pothoven, a 17-year old Dutch girl who was a victim of rape, was legally euthanized in the Netherlands.
The Netherlands is known to be a very liberal and open country, but even Dutch laws prohibit euthanization at a young age with the exception of serious medical conditions.

Naomi O’Leary, a reporter at Politico had to set the records straight.
Noa Pothoven had been severely ill and struggling with anorexia sought and was refused euthanasia.
According to O’Leary, the family of Noa Pothoven tried “many kinds of psychiatric treatment and Noa was repeatedly hospitalized.”
Noa Pothoven allegedly attempted suicide multiple times which landed her in the hospital.
Pothoven began refusing food and fluids, and per Dutch law, they can not force feed a patient if the patient clearly states they don’t want it.
Noa Pothoven died at the weekend after not taking any fluids or food while being in the hospital.

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