An op-ed on the CNN site called “We need to pay attention to the attack on Andy Ngo”, the writer James A. Gagilano (a law enforcement analyst) talks about the need for “unmasking” the behavior of Antifa.
Antifa is in hot waters after their vicious attack on journalist Andy Ngo, and it seems that even those who used to have sympathy for the movement, have taken a stand and condemned their actions.

It was not too long ago that CNN made a “docu” about Antifa, which seemed like pro-Antifa propaganda to many on the right.
So far Portland police have not arrested anyone for the attack on journalist Andy Ngo, and many conservatives seem to be skeptical that anyone will be arrested at all.

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper talked on Twitter about how “Antifa regularly attacks journalists”

With CNN and more left-wing outlets paying attention to the violence committed by Antifa, it might only be a matter of time before the influence and the love for the (by some viewed) domestic terrorist group diminishes completely.

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