Bill Maher surprised some viewers of CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time when he said that the thought former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “committed obstruction of justice” with the email scandal.

Bill Maher is an outspoken liberal who often goes after President Trump, which some view as toxic.
But lately, he has been pushing back on what he calls “political correctness” from the far-left.

Even though Maher admits that he thinks the “obstruction committed by Trump is worse”, he doesn’t shy away from scandals within the Democratic party.

He goes on to say that he doesn’t trust the media anymore, as media companies often produce enraging and clickbait stories, to get viewers to watch and read.
This is something, Conservatives, have been saying for a while.

We see that fewer people trust the media and fewer people watch content created by CNN, Vox, The Guardian, New York Times, etc.
This can be reflected in the massive lay-offs that happened mostly at left-wing media companies.

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