On June 7th we reported about a gay couple being beating in London, you can read about that story HERE.

After the incident, the two women received a lot of support from all over the world.
People offered help, empathy, and solidarity to the couple, and many demanded that the mayor of London would work on ensuring the safety of the LGBTQ+ people traveling and living there.

However, according to Chris (one of the two), the only reason people supported the women was because they were “two attractive, white, cisgender women.”
She wrote an article in the Guardian HERE.

She is angry that outlets called them “lesbian”, as she claims that she is “bi-sexual.”
She also said: “Many of the outlets publishing my face without permission endorse racist, misogynist, and xenophobic platforms and politicians.”
Voicing her anger that outlets that covered the story, but aren’t aligned with her politically.

I have evaded much of the violence and oppression imposed on so many others by our capitalist, white supremacist, patriarchal system because of the privileges I enjoy by dint of my race, health, education, and conventional gender presentation.

OPINION: Well Chris, on behalf of those who supported you online, because we are against violence, sorry!
Sorry, we wanted the scumbags that attacked you for no reason arrested, sorry that we believe that people should walk around safely regardless of their sexuality, race, gender identity, political and/or religious beliefs.
Sorry, we don’t want to cheer on people being beaten for being in a same-sex relationship.
Next time you get beat up, I guess we should cheer it on?
What do we do?
I honestly don’t know, do we cheer or do we ignore it and not shine a light on it so the police won’t do anything about it?

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