Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz has been ousted by the Austrian parliament after losing a “no confidence” vote.
Kurz, who is the leader of the Austrian People’s Party is expected to win with a landslide in the next election.
Kurz pulled out of his coalition with the far-right Freedom Party earlier this month after a video came to light, showing the Freedom Party’s leader appears to be offering favors to a Russian investor.
Kurz defended his government’s track record before the no-confidence vote in parliament after he ended the coalition.

He stated: “I am very proud and satisfied with the work we have done as a government in the past year and a half.
Kurz’s party won with 34.9% of the vote in the European Election.
It is expected that his party will only increase in popularity after he publicly distanced himself from the actions of the far-right Freedom party.
The next election will take place in September.

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