The far-left terrorist group known as “Antifa” attacked gay Asian journalist Andy Ngo resulting in a brain hemmorage.
Andy Ngo tried to cover a protest attended by Antifa, and it didn’t take long before they started throwing milkshakes laced with quick drying cement at him.

After he was hit with one of these milkshakes, he walked to the Portland police and reported the attack.
Portland police didn’t seem to try to take the situation seriously enough to intervene.
After two more attacks, and going to the police two more times, nothing changed and the situation only got more dangerous.

Antifa decided to walk the streets holding bats, knives and other weapons while chanting “All cops are bastards, ACAB.”
Even though Portland police stated that Antifa wasn’t allowed to leave the area, they didn’t do anything to stop the masked thugs.

Unfortunatly for Andy Ngo, while he was doing his job, multiple Antifa-members decided to attack him using bats, fists, and with milkshakes laced with quicky dry cement.

Antifa which is a known terrorist group has called for violence using Twitter and Facebook for a long while, however Twitter and Facebook has done nothing to stop them.
Twitter and Facebook did decide to ban all members of the far-right group called the “proud boys.”

Antifa-members have also openly called for acid attacks, and it seems they are only getting more violent, meanwhile Twitter and Facebook still are allowing this behavior.

Companies like Burger King have been promoting “milkshaking” people, and even CNN has defended the actions of the terrorist group.

Luckily a few Antifa-members have been arrested, and Portland police say they are working hard to find out who else might have been involved with the brutal attack on the gay Asian journalist during Pride Month.

Antifa consists of mainly white people who don’t shy away from attacking minorities, LGBTQ+ people and children.

White Antifa-members calling a black officer a “fucking n*gger”

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