YouTube creator “Asian Boss” uploaded a video telling the story of an Angolan family which has been stuck for over 6 months at Incheon International Airport.

The father says that he used to work in Angola, but due to the country’s economic situation, he was let go.
He then worked as a taxi driver in order to support his family.

He claims that street vendors would sell their merchandise on the roadside which caused traffic jams.
So the government wanted to organize the city and remove these vendors.
As the father was driving, a huge crowd passed in front of him on the road making him swerve his car to avoid driving into the group of people, but in doing so he rammed into a police car.

According to the father, he was put in jail and tortured because he belongs to an ethnic group in Northern Angola.
He also claims that policemen raped his wife, and he decided to leave the country with his family.

He said he didn’t have any intention to come to Korea, but he simply wanted to get out of Angola, and he visited a Korean embassy which provided him with a tourist visa.

He did come to South Korea with the intent to stay, but when he arrived he was looking for the UNHCR branch in Korea to identify himself as a refugee.
But what he didn’t know, was that he should’ve started the application process at the airport, and because he left the airport in Korea first, he and his family didn’t meet the requirements to obtain refugee status.

The South-Korean government tried to send him back to Angola 3 or 4 times, but luckily for him, he managed to get in touch with the UNHCR.
The UNHCR also provided the man and his family, Korean lawyers, to try and get a refugee status after all.

So for now, he and his family are stuck at the airport.

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