The Dutch police arrested an American man on suspicion of kidnapping a 12-year-old Dutch girl.
The girl and the man were found in a hotel in Rotterdam.

The suspect.

The family of the girl was worried sick when she didn’t come home and they went to the police immediately.
Normally it takes 24+ hours for before police takes action when it comes to a report of a missing person.

The teacher of the girl said that she told him that she had an appointment with the dentist, which the family knew was not true.
The family also knew that the girl was chatting to strangers online using her tablet, but when the family and police discovered that the chat history was deleted, the police took action immediately.

The police used the “Amber Alert” system to try and get as many clues and hints as to where the girl might be, this seemed to be highly effective.
around 30 detectives were on the case and they discovered that the girl had frequently chatted with an American man.

According to the Dutch Hart van Nederland, the man is around 50-years of age and allegedly had been arrested in the past for child abuse.
The man surrendered immidiatly after police approached him.
It is uncertain if the girl in question has been harmed as the police hasn’t said anything about her.

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