According to Dutch newspaper AD, a 17-year old boy allegedly humiliated his 17-year old girlfriend by filming her while they were having sex, and filming her while ordering her to drink milk from a cat bowl.

The boy allegedly threatened the girl he would send out the recordings to the internet if she refused to obey him.
It appeared the boy had “a manual” that detailed how you could make “a girl dependant on you”.

The girl became depressed after the psychological abuse inflicted by the boy, she lost weight and attempted suicide.
Her parents found out about the videos.

Her mother, a friend and her uncle showed up to the boy’s home, forcing him to delete all the videos and photos from his phone.
They suspected he didn’t delete everything and kidnapped him two days later.
They weighted for the boy and forced him inside of their car.
They drove him to a building in Schiedam, where they assaulted him and forced him to take his clothes off.
They threatened him with a taser, and he had to sexually abuse himself with a cucumber and a banana.

The hearing will take place in December.

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